Yep, that’s possible. I’ll explain HOW in our starter course.
no food is off limits, no binges, no regrets
You will:
get a clear understanding of how any diet works as well as why none of them delivered any long-term results;
find out which key principles the people, who managed to maintain their weight loss results for 5 years and longer, swear by;
understand which mistakes hindered your weight loss;
take your first steps on the way to long-term weight loss results by completing short assignments;
receive practical guides on how to control satiation on a diet, skillfully tackle hunger pangs, not mess up achieved results during holidays/business trips/office parties
  • To lose weight and not gain it back?
  • Without giving up sweets/fatty foods/yummy foods and other things that you can’t live without?
  • Without slip-ups and hunger pangs and improve your health in the process?
Oleg Zingilevskiy the creator of the
Physical Transformation project
Let me guess:
You tried losing weight many times but always gained it back and occasionally with a few extra pounds.

You’ve followed the classic dieter’s pattern: “strict diet - slip-up - woke up with a burger in one hand and a box of donuts in the other - 10 extra pounds on the scale”.

You believe that “you just aren’t meant for this”: “slow metabolism”, “too late at my age”, “I have no will power”, family history, health issues, kids, work, always on the road.

You are confident that weight loss is about bland food, excruciating hunger pangs, extraordinary willpower and long hours in the gym.

You tried keto diet, veganism, raw food diet, healthy eating, clean eating, and a dozen other popular diets, cardio on empty stomach and magic powders from distributors, which made you lose your money, health and time instead of extra pounds.
You can do it differently:
— Eat everything whenever you want (even before bed) and continue losing weight;
— No bans on sweets, fatty and starchy foods and other small delights on the diet;
— Plan your diet in such a way that it stays yummy, filling, enjoyable and socially acceptable (without food containers);
— Effortlessly maintain results in the long run.
This starter course will explain how to get it done in everyday life
My name is Oleg Zingilevskiy.

I’ve been studying dietology and science-based nutrition for 15 years.

I’m constantly traveling the globe and educating myself in everything I find useful with regards to nutrition and training.
I’m personally acquainted with some of the most influential people in this industry: Menno Henselmans, Mike Israetel, Denny Lennon and am on very good terms with many others.

My background and portfolio:

  • Trainer, Menno Henselmans certification (the Netherlands)
  • Certified nutritionist, graduate of Mac-Nutrition University (Martin McDonald, UK)
  • Coaching clients with obesity (James Krieger)
  • Personal Trainer Certification (John Jewett)

In addition to that I went through some shorter but equally extensive courses by Ben Cant, James Krieger, Alex Viada, Luke Leaman. To some it means nothing, while to others these names speak volumes. I think very highly of them, if you know you know. And then hundreds of hours of self-education every day.

While studying I launched the Physical Transformation project (Physical) that helped more than 35,000 people solve their problems related to nutrition, health and looks.

Who am I to you?
I believe their results and feedback are convincing enough:
What will you find in this starter course?
Enjoy New Year’s dinner, homemade pies and All inclusive without feeling guilty or ruining your body;
Get in the best shape despite your age, health issues, family history and busy schedule;
Lose weight without starving, banning yummy foods from your meals or exhausting training;
I tried to cram into three video lessons the very basics I learned during years of studies and practice using the format that is easy to follow even by those who know nothing about dietology and nutrition.
You’ll learn how to:
Maintain results for good
Improve your health while you are at it;
How is the starter course structured?
At the end of each lesson you’ll receive a small assignment. I don’t recommend ignoring them as they’ll help you take the first steps on the way to your dream body;
The letter with the attached video will be sent either to your email;
You receive three video lessons, one every day;
After each video you can share your homework results, new insights and personal experience with other participants;
You’ll need:
  • smartphone/ laptop/ iPad and WiFi
  • 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time to watch every lesson
В конце каждого урока — небольшое домашнее задание. Рекомендую их выполнять: они помогут тебе сделать первые шаги к желаемой форме
С каждым уроком тебя ждет бонус — практические гайды с лайфхаками, которые помогут похудеть, сохранить и совершенствовать форму
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