Hi everyone! Welcome!

I’m Oleg Zingilevskiy. I run the famous weight loss course, known as «Physical Transformation»,
aka «Physical».

So far, more than 30 000 people have successfully lost weight and improved their health markers with the help of our program.
I’m 36 and pretty satisfied with where I am now.
I’ve been involved in the sports industry for more than 15 years and know a lot about it. I started with martial arts, specifically MMA and Muay Thai, then began resistance training, and eventually got into practicing CrossFit.

I’ve been a huge sports junkie for as long as I can remember. And it was a no brainer to figure out that you can only go so far without a proper nutrition plan. Throughout my sports journey I’ve often been disappointed with the lack of knowledge and competence displayed by coaches. It got to the point that I started thinking
to myself — if you want it done right, just do it yourself.

I won’t claim to have a naturally gifted physique, superhuman strength or bulletproof skin, but I can say for sure that I’m curious, analytical to a fault, and more than just a little charismatic :)
That’s how I became a Menno Henselmans certified Personal Trainer and currently a student at Mac-Nutrition University.

I practice what I preach, and you know what? The results our participants achieve speak for themselves.
Who am I?
16 week Physical Transformation course overview
Everyone aged 18 and over is welcome to join in (unless a participant is pregnant or have serious medical problems)
The season is fully online. We will be interacting every day for 16 weeks straight. The program offers group resources as well as personal assistance
The project is built around nutrition. The goal is either cutting or bulking. Sometimes we discuss the case with mentors and offer specific options — reverse diet, for example
Each participant has either their own sport (gym, crossfit, football, dancing, ping-pong, MMA, boxing, martial arts, kitchen fencing, lifting grocery bags up to the appartment on the 3rd floor — I don’t care), or they follow our training programs (gym or home/outdoor workouts) that we offer during the season. It's not obliged to do sports but it's highly recommended
To get started a participant will need: FatSecret app on the smartphone, kitchen scale, floor scale, measuring tape
The approach is personal. A person gets a private chat with a personal mentor, where they interact. Once a week based on the submitted reports we check weight-ins and measurements, watch the progress and make adjustments
In 16 weeks, a participant will
1. Learn how to properly count calories, see how simple it is and how to spend less than 10 minutes a day doing this routine. Learn how to handle trips, holidays and parties, without missing out on the fun.

2. Best case, get a better shape. Worst case, change wardrobe.

3. Acquire and smoothly integrate new eating habits that will improve health and allow to maintain the result at the end of the season without getting loose.

4. Learn to prioritize the food choices.

5. Set free from fitness BS and learn to maintain decent body shape all year round without suffering, hardship and wasting money on magic techniques and pills.

6. Receive an ultimate, scientifically supported set of knowledge not only about how to lose weight, but also how to build the most balanced diet for health and longevity.

7. Receive a strategy or, in other words, an understandable plan for further self-control.

Season 26 starting – September 2022
Cost – not yet known
Here's what our participants say
The preliminary list registration to participate in Season 26 has been stopped.

You'll have a chance to get into Season 26 after the enrolment starts in the coming days – there will be the announcement on my FB, so stay tuned.

If you were on the preliminary list, please check your email. There is a special offer waiting for you.

The preliminary list registration for the next Season will open after the start of Season 26.
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